ACTIONWRITING# performances literally put the gesture of writing at work. By essence, each performance and its visual trace is unique.

The duration of each performance varies as it consists in entirely recovering a given surface (wall, book or else), constantly writing the same sentence " I want to keep on writing". Time is part of the piece as it makes the work evolve in front of our eyes, transforming it constantly without us controlling neither its duration nor end result.

AW- BACK.jpg


June the 13th 2015, festival Nomade

Eric Dupont Gallery courtyard,

rue du Temple 75003


still final 1.png


October the 29th 2015,  curated for UNPUBLISHED THURSDAYS by artist and writer Richard Dailey,

boulevard du Temple 75003



May the 21st 2016, festival Nomade

Maison de la Poésie, rue St Martin 75003




AW#6, August the 17th 2017, invited by artist and curator Alex Dewart to perform on the opening of Draw bridges exhibition at Gallery ARTHOUSE1, London.