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For 4 days, I was granted a vast studio to WORK anD PERFORM.

in Paris, at Rens Lipsius Ideal Artist House n°2, from August 30th till September 2nd.


At work.

At work.

I worked, performed AW#7AW#8 and had a poetry reading + discussion about my work.
The poems I read were written at fall 2011, just after I started my ACTIONWRITING# project and when I met Rens Lipsius.

 "Poets don't die" is a film directed by Florence Pierre and Gordon Spooner during this 4 days mini-residence. It is inspired by the last verse of my poem  "We, birds" written in November 2011.

We, birds (to R.L)

Our mathematics

Know the rhythmics

Our silences
Draw on spaces

They dance
Trace their romance

I used 'fioritures'
Comme des couvertures
La peur
Posait les limites de mon coeur

It's not so long I dare

Can you believe
I imprisoned myself

In such a tiny square

I suffered to the bones
Lost every drop of my blood

Trapped with no breath, no air

I have now lost this flesh

This burden that was foreign

I've always been solar
A shiny girl smiling,
Even if heading to war

Je voudrais écrire

Jusqu’à ce que ma main

Que ma main tombe

Qu'elle m'y amène

M'y amène
Cet endroit si sombre

Mais entretemps
Je veux jouir
Jouir de cette lumière

Cet espace infini

Cet espace inoui
Ce plaisir si pur
Que le chant m'inspire

Ton champ m'attire
Si profondément
Je rêve de m'y étendre
D'y sentir
Chaque parcelle de mon corps

Ses herbes folles
Regarder le ciel
Crevé du vol
Des oies sauvages
Partant si loin
Ambitieuses d'autres rivages

You opened a space
So wide
I said to you
I am ready to loose my pride

As I feel I am resident

Of this wonderful continent

Our mathematics

Have no logics
But for God sake

They have divine

Beautiful rythmics

Most crazy
In the end
All resolves
Into the air + the ground

We, birds
Will always know Where to land

Poets don't die.


Marie Gossart, all rights reserved.

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"I want to keep on writing"


Performed on Thursday 31st of August 2018.

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Performed on Saturday 1st of September 2018.